Were Live!

I am so excited to announce Blur Designs as an official company. This company has taken a long time to create, so I want to thank everyone involved. There has been so many people that have supported me on this long 2 year journey. We are a high quality precious metal jewelry brand. All of our jewelry is truly unique, hand carved, hand polished, hand engraved, and special to the designer. We do special orders and gold on all products on request. I have done a few custom pieces, and I love doing them. Everyone has such unique style and I love to hear about your ideas! Please keep the custom pieces coming I am so happy doing them.

Right now Blur is a company of 1 person so be patient with requests and special orders. I started this brand in my parent basement while I was living at home, learning how to create jewelry from youtube and other mentors. So much of my inspiration has come from themes such as Sleepy Hollow, 1950, London, music, astronomy, skateboarding, and Fall. This has been a fun experience for me the whole way through. I never knew how much I would love making jewelry when I was younger. We hope to expand in the future so we can make more products that cater to everyone. If you have anything you would love to see from us don't be afraid to reach out.

I have developed a passion for jewelry and fashion. This is what I love to do and will continue to make designs as long as I am able to. I am super excited to keep launching more and more unique jewelry and make all of my customers happy! Feel free to contact my by email trevor@blurjewelry.com if you have any questions or concerns, special requests, or you just wanna talk! Super excited to bring you all Blur Designs and I thank you for the support!

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